WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Shows Jami...


WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Shows Jamie Dornan His Best Irish Accent


10:06 3 Dec 2020

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Jimmy Fallon & Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan was a guest on the latest episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The late night talk show host seized the opportunity to show the Irish actor his best Irish accent.

Jamie was on chatting about his upcoming movie Wild Mountain Thyme.

He admitted he forced himself not to do an impression of Christopher Walken while they were working together on the film.

"I wouldn't say I'm a great mimic, but everyone has a Christopher Walken," he said.

"So you're really forcing yourself not to do it because imagine how many times people do it to him."

Jamie added that the impressions are over exaggerated, and the actor's accent in real life isn't as strong as people make out.

Jimmy responded by saying he thinks he can do a pretty good Irish accent.

He believes the key to a good Irish accent is to constantly use of the word, "Ehm."

Jamie laughed, "That can get you pretty far, that can get you like a good night out in a pub, you can just get by saying that."

Watch the full interview here:

The trailer for Jamie's new Irish movie Wild Mountain Thyme dropped last month.

And some of the stars have been facing backlash over their accents in the film.

Read more here.

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