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Jamie Dornan 'Stunned' By Backlash Over Wild Mountain Thyme In Ireland


02:24 14 Dec 2020

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Jamie Dornan talks Wild Mountain Thyme

Jamie Dornan said he was, 'stunned,' by the criticism his movie Wild Mountain Thyme faced in Ireland.

He spoke about the backlash during a recent interview with The Irish Mirror.


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The film is a romantic comedy based on John Patrick Shanley's play Outside Mullingar.

It follows the story of a headstrong farmer named Rosemary Muldoon who's madly in love with her neighbour Anthony Reilly.

The problem is Anthony seems to have inherited a family curse, and remains oblivious to his beautiful admirer.

Wild Mountain Thyme features an all star cast including Jamie Dornan, Emily Blunt, Christopher Walken and Jon Hamm.

When the trailer dropped last month, the stars faced widespread criticism in Ireland over their Irish accents in the movie.

One Twitter user said, 'Didn’t realise I needed Christopher Walken doing a really bad Irish accent to make my life complete'

Jamie's response

Jamie told The Irish Mirror, 'I was a bit stunned by how harsh the criticism has been in Ireland, given that most people haven’t seen it.'

He added, 'But we Irish are a nation of pi**-takers and I’m totally accepting of the slagging we’ve been getting.'

'It comes with the territory.'


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Jamie went on to reveal author John Patrick Shanley's take on the situation.

He said the author, who's father is from Mullingar, believes, 'if he put in actors who sounded like his own family, no one would understand it.'

Meanwhile, Emily Blunt spoke about how tricky the Irish accent can be in a recent interview.

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