Jamie Dornan Says He Got 'Drag...


Jamie Dornan Says He Got 'Dragged' Into Doing Gal Gadot's Imagine Celeb Sing-Song


09:11 10 Apr 2020

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Jamie Dornan on the Gal Gadot viral video

Jamie Dornan featured in Gal Gadot's viral video of celebs singing John Lennon's Imagine last month.

The video was intended to lift spirits during the global pandemic but instead, it faced major backlash online.

In a new interview, Jamie revealed he got, "dragged along," to do it by his friend Kristen Wiig.


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Jamie opened up about his appearance in the video during a recent chat on the Tea With Me podcast.

He told the host Shane Todd that he thinks very highly of fellow actor Kristen Wiig.

So when she asked him to feature in Gal Gadot's video, he didn't hesitate, "I would do anything for her - that’s how highly I think of her."

The backlash

The video featured appearances from Will Ferrell, Amy Adams, Mark Ruffalo, and many, many more stars.

It faced huge criticism online from those who felt it was embarrassing.

One social media user recently tweeted, 'Is it too soon to forgive for that "Imagine" video?'

Speaking about the backlash, Jamie said, "Not being on social media, I wasn’t aware of the reaction – but was made aware by mates."

He revealed Kristen sent him a text apologising for involving him, "she texted days later saying, "Sorry.""

Jamie insisted Gal was just, "trying to do a good thing," before adding, "I just got dragged along with it."

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