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Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jamie Dornan & Caitríona Balfe Talk Irish Traditions & 'Patty's Day'


12:00 4 Mar 2022

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Jamie Dornan and Caitríona Balfe on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Belfast stars Jamie Dornan and Caitríona Balfe appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week.

In their separate interviews, they addressed the misconception that Irish people love corned beef and cabbage.

And they set the record straight, once and for all, that it's, 'Paddy's Day,' not, 'Patty's Day.'


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It all started when Jimmy told Caitríona his parents recently went to Ireland and discovered Paddy's Day isn't that big a deal here.

The Belfast star replied, "We would have parades and stuff!"

"But it's funny when I moved here, people used to call it, 'St. Patty's Day.' I'd like to just say, it's not."


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"It's, 'Paddy's Day,' with two, 'ds,'" she explained.

Jimmy pointed out that Patrick has a, 't,' in it, not a, 'd,' so how could it be, 'Paddy's Day.'"

As the audience laughed loudly, Caitríona explained, "It is Pádraic!"

Jimmy joked, "With the way you spell, 'Caitríona,' you shouldn't be telling anybody."

The actress also went on to shut down the myth that Irish people eat corned beef and cabbage.

"Maybe back in the 1890s when people came over first," she said.

When Jamie Dornan joined him on the show later this week, Jimmy asked the same questions.

The Northern Irishman pointed out that a, 'patty,' is something you put in a hamburger.

And when Jimmy revealed American's eat corned beef and cabbage to celebrate Paddy's Day, Jamie said, "That's absurd."


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Jamie then showed Jimmy and Guillermo how to make a, 'Tayto Smashy.'

It's a sandwich with mayonnaise, ham and Tayto crisps.

Watch the full interview here:

Roll on Patty's Day Paddy's Day!

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