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Love Island Producers Hire Medics To Protect Islanders Against Poisonous Creatures


11:54 16 Aug 2019

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Love Island: the winter series

It's believed Love Island producers are worried the islanders might be bitten by poisonous creatures during the winter series.

Because of this, they've hired medics and health and safety experts who'll be on standby if anything happens.


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The new version of the show will be filmed in South Africa which means it's likely some deadly creatures might pay the islanders a visit.

These include, 'Black mambas, scorpions and even big cats.'

An industry source tells The Sun this week that they'll be on the, 'look out for deadly snakes and other poisonous creepy-crawlies.'

'There will be a specialist medic on hand, too, so contestants can get urgent medical attention.'

'Plus, if necessary, facilities to chopper them to a local hospital.'

Filming in Africa is 'a very different kettle of fish'

Producers are used to filming in Spain for the summer series so this is new territory for them.

The source points out, 'This is a very different kettle of fish to filming in mainland Europe.'

'The South African outback is a hive of wildlife activity and exactly why it is a top destination for safaris.'


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'Scorpions and spiders are   likely to be lurking in contestants’ shoes — these won’t kill you but they will put you in hospital if you’re bitten.'

'The advice will be to close all windows and doors, not to go out at night alone and to use protective sprays...'

'Wear long clothing and check beds, shoes and clothes before getting dressed.'

The publication also remark that islanders will be advised to check the pool before getting in.

There could be something lurking in the water.


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