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Joey Essex Has To Kiss Two Islanders During Beer Pong In Tonight’s Love Island

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

01:32 14 Jun 2024

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Ooh, it’s going to get dramatic.

The islanders will be playing a game of alcohol free beer pong in tonight’s Love Island and Joey Essex has got a tough decision to make.

If an islander gets their ball into someone else’s cup, that person has to do the dare at the bottom.

In what seems like a perfect twist, Joey Essex’s dare is to “pick two islanders of the opposite sex for a three-way kiss.”


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Joey’s currently coupled up with Samantha Kenny who’s been so smitten, she seems to have given Joey the ick.

This week she called him a “national treasure” and started quoting moments from his old show, The Only Way Is Essex.

But tonight, we’ll see what the ripple effects will be from the three new bombshells – including Joey’s ex, Grace Jackson.

Will Joey end up kissing his ex? 👀


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What else will happen tonight?

You couldn’t write the drama, as Harriett gets the dare “kiss the islander you find the most untrustworthy.”

She gives Jess a peck and Jess replies “the feeling is mutual, hun.”

The tension is sure to be palpable, as the pair have been caught up in a love triangle with Ronnie this week.


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Jess gave Ronnie an ultimatum last night and removed herself from the triangle, despite Samantha suggesting Jess shouldn’t “back down to Harriett.”

Before going to bed, Jess told Harriett, “I’m not in it anymore, I’m not in no triangle my love, the guy needs to get a grip.”

Harriett said she was “taken aback” but Jess replied, “you’re enjoying the situation, you’re still entertaining it.”


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This game sounds like it’ll take quite a few turns tonight!

Things are going to heat up when Grace twerks on Sean and Uma’s going to declare that Ronnie is the biggest game player in the villa.

Well, I wouldn’t disagree with Uma…

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