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Love Island Villa Filming May Be Delayed By Thunderstorms

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It wouldn't be Love Island without a bit of drama.

It looks like there could be some issues with filming the first episode of Love Island.

It's due to start airing on Virgin Media Two on Monday from 9pm, but filming will actually start on Saturday.

But weather warnings could cause some issues as thundershowers are predicted for Palma de Mallorca this weekend.

There's a severe weather warning in place for Thursday, but the stormy weather isn't due to end until early next week.


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With the islanders expected to meet for the first time in the garden area of the villa, any rain could affect the islanders hair and make-up.

If it does, the islanders might be left leaving different first impressions to the ones they set out to make.

While the weather is meant to be rubbish in Mallorca, it's set to hit highs of 24 degrees in Ireland and 22 in the UK this weekend.

But travelling over only to find the weather is worse isn't the only surprise the islanders will be dealing with this weekend. Love Island are bringing back the twist where the public will decide on the first couplings of the series.

Host Maya Jama said, "The public has all the power. So for the first episode, you guys are going to decide who couples up, you vote and we listen."

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