Millie Court *Is* Dating Someo...


Millie Court *Is* Dating Someone But Isn't Ready To Share Who She's Seeing

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There's no rush.

Millie Court has confirmed she's dating someone – but she's not ready to tell us who yet.

Chatting to her camera in a YouTube video, Millie said there have been "a lot of rumours" about whether she's dating again. She split with her fellow Love Island star Liam Reardon last July.

"I am going to confirm that I am dating someone," Millie said.


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While Millie is happy to let fans know she's in a relationship, she's shared why she's not going to tell us who the mystery man is.

"I'm not ready to tell you guys, yet. I love you guys, and I love your support.

"But it's early doors, and you experienced a whole full-blown meeting someone, relationship on TV, the whole thing, and then everything afterwards," she said.

"That was the best experience ever of my life, genuinely. But it is a lot when you have all eyes on you and everything in your relationship," she shared.


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Being in a high-profile relationship when you're new to fame sounds tough to deal with, as Millie explained this was a part of her split with Liam.

A public relationship comes with "lots of judgements" from the public and can lead to rumours of cheating.

"[You would have] lots of people sending you messages because they've seen the other person out. It means absolutely nothing, they're just speaking to another person," Millie continued.

"I'm told, 'They're cheating on you' when they're just having a chat. I chat to boys on a night out. I'm making friends. There's nothing in it."


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How did Millie find it?

Dealing with rumours and messages about Liam was tough for Millie.

She admitted, "I struggled with that a lot because it wasn't nice when people were involved in my personal relationship. It ruined things.

"It was a big part of why my last relationship ended. It's been a while since then. This next chapter, I will be keeping it secret for a little bit, just to see how it goes."

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