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Joey Essex To Spend Time With Grace In The Hideaway

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

01:37 18 Jun 2024

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A recoupling is coming!

In tonight's Love Island, Joey Essex is going to spend time with Grace Jackson in the hideaway.

Joey had been coupled up with Samantha Kenny last week who is a TOWIE mega-fan, but he seemed to get the ick when she started quoting the show.

Then his ex, Grace Jackson, entered the villa as a new bombshell and last Friday, the pair kissed as part of a game. Samantha was upset but insisted she wanted to see the pair "rekindle."

Ahead of staying in the hideaway tonight, Grace lets Joey know he should chat with Samantha about it.


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What does Grace say?

Grace says, “When you all get in bed and you don’t turn up and someone says, oh yeah, he’s in the Hideaway with Grace, she’ll be more p*ssed off tomorrow.

"Even though it’s an awkward one, just be like I’m not going to stay in the bed tonight, I’ll let you know I am going in the hideaway with Grace.

"It’s awkward and it’s weird to let her know but you’ve done the right thing.”

Taking the advice on board, Joey decides to pull Samantha for a chat and tells her his plans to stay with Grace in the hideaway.

Samantha tells him, “I’ve seen you kissing over there before… bit out of order, don’t you think? I’ve just been crying in there two hours ago and then you are kissing on the daybed.”


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What else will happen tonight?

The bombshells will have the power in tonight's recoupling, with Grace, Will and Tiffany having first choice.

Meanwhile, Jess and Nicole will be trying to lift Samantha's spirits about the whole situation.

Jess says, “Samantha, I am sick to death of you not remembering who you are."

She urges the gals to hold hands and refocus on why they entered the villa.

"Remember why we are here. Remember why we are boss b*tches and remember why we don’t let mid-level entry men take the p*ss out of us and make us feel less worthy than we are," Jess says.

Love Island is back again tonight from 9pm on Virgin Media Two.

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