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UL Funds Garda Patrols To Clamp Down On Student Gatherings

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The University of Limerick is funding a high-visibility Garda patrol to clamp down on student gatherings.

UL President Professor Kerstin May says €100 euro fines will be issued to people found leaving their home without a reasonable excuse.

People caught organising a house party will be handed a €500 fine and attendees will have to cough up €150.

In a series of tweets, Professor May appealed to a "small minority of students" to abide by restrictions.

"I know it is hard for you to live under almost constant public health restrictions – but COVID-19 does have an impact on young people and can have devastating effects."

She reminded rule-breakers that the health of the university, the local community, families and students are effected by the action of others.

Meanwhile, her message was echoed by UL Student Life President Cían Quinlan.

He called for the student body to behave responsibly to the community they are guests in.

"Ultimately, we reside temporarily in the community they call home. We must respect this, act now."

UL Students Encouraged To Get Tested For Virus

The clamp down comes  after the Department of Public Health Midwest discovered 200 Covid-19 cases linked to the UL outbreak.

The department also identified a number of clusters stemming from social visits in private student houses.

UL students have 24 hours to register for free, on-campus Covid-19 tests.

Students do not have to present with symptoms to avail of a test.

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