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GP Says People Not Testing For Covid Has Contributed To Rising Cases


11:24 22 Mar 2022

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It comes as Covid-19 cases have skyrocketed since the bank holiday weekend. 

A GP says people aren't testing themselves enough and it's contributed to rising Covid case numbers.

Dr Illona Duffy says 60 per cent of her patients have had Covid in the past few weeks.

Daily figures have remained stagnant over the last few days between 12 and 14 thousand positive cases.

Almost 64,000 cases of Covid-19 were recorded over the long weekend.

Dr Duffy says people that have symptoms aren't testing themselves.

"People are reluctant to test themselves and perhaps having mild symptoms and trying to explain it away as being a head cold," she said.

"The reality of it is while they may not feel unwell, they may have the virus and may be spreading it."

"I think that's really still an important message that you have any symptoms that are potentially covid - presume you have covid."

"People should be testing repeatedly if they have symptoms."

Hospitalisations have increased by 25 per cent in the past week.

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