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Potential UFO Sighting Off South West Coast

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

09:29 12 Nov 2018

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The IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) is investigating a possible sighting of a UFO off the south-west coast.


British Airways made a call to Shannon Air Traffic Control, asking if military exercises were taking place in the area.

The IrishExaminer reported that on Friday, a pilot from a British Airways flight contacted Shannon Air Traffic Control to ask if there were military exercises talking place in the area

There were no military exercises underway.

Shannon replied: “


There is nothing showing on either primary or secondary [radar].”




The pilot responded:


“OK. It was moving so fast.”




The controller then asked:



“Alongside you?”




Aviation enthusiast Trevor Buckley spotted the exchanges online, before linking to them:

In the audio, the pilot can be heard describing a bright light that came up along the plane before disappearing at very high speed. Listen here;

Potential UFO Sighting Off South West Coast

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Further UFO sightings

The British Airways pilot in question wasn't the only one to spot something out of the ordinary.

Two other planes reported seeing a similar object, referencing the same bright light.

They were all flying in and around the Kerry area.

Remember a UFO could be anything and our guess is meteorites.

Cue X-Files music...

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