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WATCH: SPIN Chats To The Cast Of Netflix's 'I Came By'


02:15 1 Sep 2022

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I Came By

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with the cast of Netflix's new thriller, I Came By.

She spoke to Babak Anvari, George MacKay, Percelle Ascott, Kelly Macdonald and Hugh Bonneville.

Hugh Bonneville

The Downton Abbey actor stars as Sir Hector Blake in the new film.

He shares with Sarina why he said yes to this role and his reaction to fans' shock at the type of character he is playing.

Hugh also talks about what it was like exploring the dark side of a human being, whether he thinks there will be more Downton Abbey, and what we can expect from his new memoir Playing Under The Piano.

Kelly Macdonald

Kelly shares how she felt when she first read the script and what it's like working on such a dark film.

She also discusses the reaction to season 6 of Line of Duty.

George MacKay & Percelle Ascott

George and Percelle share how they felt when they first read the script

They also discuss their admiration for the art of graffiti, the music that would set the mood on set, and why they worked out just before director Babak Ansari would call action.

In addition to this, they shared the most surprising thing about the film industry.

Babak Anvari

Babak shares why this film was 20 years in the making, how Hitchcock inspired him and how Netflix has given filmmakers freedom to create.

He also shares the motto he lives by and and what's next for him.

I Came By is streaming on Netflix.

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