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Love Island 2021: Toby & Faye Clash Following His Heated Chat With Kaz

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

03:12 20 Jul 2021

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Love Island 2021

Oh, it's all kicking off on tonight's episode of Love Island.

Toby and Faye get into a heated argument following his tense conversation with Kaz.

Meanwhile, Faye and Teddy head off on their first date, and the Islanders have a '70s themed party.

Love Island

Kaz & Toby

Keen to understand why Kaz pied him in the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge, Toby approaches her for a chat.

Referring to the situation with Chloe, Kaz says, "You did lie to me…"

"In bed when I said, "Anything extra to say?" You were like, "No, no.""

Love Island

"And then the next day you were like, "Oh yeah we kissed on the terrace." That was a lie."

Clearly confused, Toby asks, "Is that a lie?"

Kaz responds, "It was a lie. It’s not a drama. Obviously the thing is at the end of the day you were disrespectful, a little bit."

Love Island

Toby asks, "Disrespectful?" to which Kaz quizzes, "You don’t think you were?"

He replies, "If I could go back, I don’t think I have any regrets."

"I don’t think I have any regrets because I told you how it was from the jump."

"I don’t respect that"

Kaz responds, "You said, if you could do everything again, you’d do it exactly how you did it."

"I don’t respect that. But that’s just you."

She adds, "Listen, where you are today is none of my business."

"I’m happy for you and Chloe to do your thing. However, do I feel like you could have treated me way better? 100%."

Toby says, "Now looking back, now from your point of view I understand. Now you said it."

As Kaz walks away from the conversation, she says, "What the f***?"

"You just said if you could go back, you would do things the exact same way. And now you’re saying, alright, understand."

Later, when Toby is talking to some of the boys about what’s happened, he overhears Faye dismissing his actions.

The pair get into a heated chat across the garden.

Love Island

And later Toby is also keen to speak to Kaz’s best friend Liberty who has some advice for him.

Can Toby clear the air with all?

The football results

Continuing Toby’s analogy of football, the girls are keen to discuss Liberty and Jake’s bedroom shenanigans the following morning.

Faye laughs to Liberty, "We’ve got a 1-1 haven’t we?"

Chloe, in the Beach Hut, explains, "So one all is, basically doing bits, one all."

"You did something, I did something, we both had a very happy ending… [laughs]"

Millie responds to Liberty, "No you haven’t!"

Liberty says, "I’m just going to sip my tea and mind my own business."

She joked, "There’s you guys thinking this is the first time…"

Love Island

Chloe adds, "Cheeky, cheeky Jiberty."

AJ asks if anyone else has, and Millie says, "I haven’t, yet, ha ha."

Tour De Faye

Faye and Teddy receive a text inviting them on a date:

"Faye and Teddy you’re going on a date! Get ready to leave the villa #FancyARide #TourDeFaye"

With some help from their fellow Islanders the pair get dressed up before leaving the villa for a bicycle ride.

As they cycle Faye asks, "How are you feeling about the Tour de Faye? Would you want to do it every year?"

Teddy says, "Oh, that’s a shout actually – seasonal!"

Love Island

Later as the pair discuss their coupling, Teddy says, "We’re getting on like a frigging house on fire."

Faye laughs, "Oh really, I was going to talk about us not getting on so well… no we are alright aren’t we?"

"You just get me. You just laugh at me."

'70s themed party

The Islanders don their finest '70s outfits for a party tonight.

But while the festivities are in full swing they receive a text calling them to the fire pit.

Faye reads, "Islanders. Can you all gather around the fire pit?"

Hugo receives the next text which reads:

"The public have been voting for their favourite girl and favourite boy."

"Those with the fewest votes are at risk of being dumped from the Island tonight."

Who will be safe and who will be left at risk of leaving the villa?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.


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