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Love Island 2019: Day 6 Recap & Sherif Pours His Heart Out

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

09:17 10 Jun 2019

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Day 6

So much happened in the Love Island villa last night.

We were treated to an episode packed full of confessions, dates and emotional conversations.

If you missed out, here's a full recap:

The couples have breakfast

The morning after that intense re-coupling, the islanders are given the opportunity to get to know each other even more over breakfast by the pool.

Amy tells Curtis about her relationship history, "I’ve just met loads of people. Gone out on dates. Get mugged off by them. Repeat."

"But I’ve met someone nice now so it’s fine!"


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Do not let Amber see you in those shades, Curtis. #LoveIsland

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Over at Joe and Lucie’s table, the pair talk about Joe’s sandwich business.

Joe says, "I know you’re really into your training, so you wouldn’t have any of my sandwiches?”

"I try and eat as well as I can but I love anything bad!" Lucie responds.

Joe tells her, "I’m trying to think what sandwich you are… I think you’re a chicken mayo, avocado, crispy bacon with a bit of salad."

Lucie admits, "I actually like sweet chilli sauce too."


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Curtis = wingman goals #ZoomInToTheBottomOfLuciesJumper @LoveIsland #LoveIsland

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Michael and Yewande are getting to know each other through a conversation about their phobias.

Yewande admits, "I have a phobia of small holes. Do you know those weird sponges that have loads of little circles? It creeps me out!"

Michael responds, "That’s strange."

Over at Sherif and Anna’s table, the pair talk about her job as a pharmacist.

He says, “You’re a smart girl.”


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Sherif in a crisp white tee. You’re welcome. #LoveIsland

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Anna replies, “The best bit of the job is that someone can have a problem and you help them."

"They come back and say ‘thank you so much, you helped me’. That bit of it is rewarding."

Sherif confesses, “I would be getting sick everyday just to come back there!”

Anton makes his move on Molly-Mae

Because Tommy and Molly-Mae are in a couple, Anton decides he should tell Tommy how he feels about her.

"I’m going to have chats with Molly-Mae later on. I just feel, out of respect for you, I would always say that."

Tommy later reflects in the Beach Hut, "Anton is going to fancy Molly-Mae because she is a very attractive girl..."

"Anton is basically a single man. I’ve come from one love triangle and now I’m in another one!"

It isn’t long before Anton tells Molly-Mae how he feels. In the kitchen she asks him, “What’s on your mind? What are you thinking?”

Anton replies, “You’re the only girl in here that I’ve got an interest in, to have something more than a friendship. That’s how I feel.”

He later admits, “I’m very attracted to you.”

Molly-Mae replies, “Thanks. You’re a good-looking guy. You’re a gorgeous guy.”

The next day Anton continues to woo Molly-Mae and she’s fairly impressed by the effort he's making.

In the Beach Hut, she says, “The boy can’t do enough for me and I can see it’s genuine. That’s such a lovely thing."

"Whereas, with Tommy, I do find him very attractive but he’s not as on the ball with how to woo a girl. He kind of the takes the back seat.”

Molly-Mae shares her doubts with Anton about her and Tommy’s coupling, “I definitely think I am very torn.”

Could Molly-Mae’s head be turned from Tommy?


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“There’s going to be a few heartbreaks.” 😍😭 #LoveIsland

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The islanders share their secrets

As night falls on the villa, the Islanders enjoy a party before playing a game around the fire pit.

The couples take it in turns to choose a block which has a question on it, for their partner to answer.

Yewande recovers a wooden block and reads it to Michael, “What is your biggest turn on?”

Michael says, “A powerful woman.”


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Watching your mate send a risky text on a night out #LoveIsland

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When it's Lucie and Joe’s turn, Lucie's block reads, “How many one-night stands have you had?”

Joe is taken aback by the question and the other Islanders laugh at his reaction. Lucie says, “And be honest!”

He settles on four but we're not convinced.

When it’s Molly-Mae and Tommy’s turn, Molly-Mae recovers a wooden block which she reads aloud, “What is my most attractive quality?”

Tommy says, “I think Ellie-Belly [Molly-Mae’s teddy].”


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Felt cute might steal Lucie from Joe later, idk. #LoveIsland

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In the Beach Hut, Molly-Mae says of his answer, "He just wasn’t really getting it that this was an opportunity to tell me something great."

"He could have said anything and he said my cuddly toy.”

Sherif pours his heart out

Sherif asks Anna for a chat following the game.

On the terrace, he says, “You’re smart, you’re intelligent and you haven’t really had your turned by any of these boys."

"That to me is attractive. I love that! Honestly, you have melted me a little bit.”


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Anna says, “Honestly, I never get shy. But I’m getting a bit shy!”

The pair have a cuddle and a kiss on the terrace.

In the Beach Hut, Sherif says, “Outside on the terrace it was just a peck but that in itself means that she is opening up to me. It was nice.”

Is he finally winning Anna’s heart?

Michael has his eye on Amber

Michael and Amber have a chat on the swing seat.

He admits, “I just want to get to know you a little better.”

Amber agrees, “Yes. I do too.”

Michael reflects in the Beach Hut, “Amber is fit and she is a very funny girl."

"I don’t really know what she thinks about me but I do feel like there is a bit of an attraction there. I do think she actually likes me."

"But we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Amber also reflects in the Beach Hut, “Michael is a nice-looking boy, I can’t deny that.”

What does the future hold for Amber and Michael?

Yewande goes on a date

Yewande receives a text the next day: Yewande, Danny is waiting to take you on a date. Please get ready to leave the villa. #climatechange #chemistry.


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FINALLY! That’s how you do it, Yewande 🙌 #LoveIsland

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She talks about her upcoming date in the Beach Hut, “I’m excited to get ready and get glammed up and go on the date."

"I’ve been looking forward to going on a date so it’s nice to get out of the villa and meet someone new and hopefully form a romantic couple.”

The girls help Yewande get ready for her date. In the Beach Hut, Amber says, “I’m so excited for Yewande because she is like my best pal."

"I feel like she deserves this date and I hope this guy is super nice to her.”

Could Danny be the guy to sweep Yewande off her feet?

Love Island returns to Virgin Media Two tonight from 9pm.

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