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Looks Like Taylor Swift Could Be Making Her Grey's Anatomy Debut Very Soon


11:04 26 May 2022

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Taylor Swift in Grey's Anatomy?

It looks like Taylor Swift could be in an upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Fans noticed IMDB have named the singer as part of the cast in the season finale.

And the credit has since mysteriously disappeared... suspicious, we think.

There's a few theories floating around the internet.

One is that Taylor is set to debut one of her re-recorded 1989 hits like Clean, This Love and Bad Blood.

This would make sense considering the title of the episode: Out for Blood.

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Taylor's inclusion in the show wouldn't be a massive shock considering she is a fan.

She even named her cat Meredith after Ellen Pompeo's lead character.

And her song White Horse featured in season five during Owen and Cristina's fist kiss.

The season finale airs in America today, so only time will tell!

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