Wes Nelson From Love Island ‘L...


Wes Nelson From Love Island ‘Lost Consciousness’ Over The Weekend

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This is scary.

Wes Nelson has shared how he was rushed to hospital after he started to “lose consciousness” yesterday (Sunday).

The islander-turned-DJ is due to start his tour in Glasgow tomorrow, with a Dublin date planned for May 14th.

Explaining what happened on Instagram, Wes wrote, “I randomly started to lose vision/consciousness in my house!

“Managed to get to my neighbours’ who took care of me and got me to hospital in the ambulance."

While Wes said he wouldn’t “go into detail” on the health scare, he said the medical team “did a bunch of tests” on him across the day.

“They’ve told me I’m all good now. I feel loads better today,” he wrote.

“Got the green light for tour tomorrow.”

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