TikTok User Goes Viral For Sha...


TikTok User Goes Viral For Sharing The Best & Worst Celebrity Tippers At Strip Club

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

01:01 1 Apr 2021

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TikTok user shares best and worst celebrity tippers

TikTok user Amanda DiMeo has gone viral after revealing the best and worst celebrity tippers at strip clubs from her experience.

She spilled the beans on some massive stars from J.Lo, and Alex Rodriguez, to Drake, and Usher.


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Amanda began her video by saying, "I've been a dancer for a little over six years."

"I've worked all over the country, so I do have a little insight on celebrities in the strip club."

According to the dancer, Drake is a fantastic tipper.


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She claimed, "He does make you get a plastic bag and pick that money up."

"I didn't make money off him personally, but I know people that did."

Amanda went on to say Usher is also a great tipper, but he didn't spend any money on the dancers.


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She said, "He didn't really throw money on any of the girls or want to do anything with any of the dancers, necessarily."

"but he only had a couple hundred dollars on his tab that he had to pay, and he ended up tipping the cocktail waitress a little over $2,000."


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The dancer went on to say Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee from rap duo Rae Sremmurd tipped really well.

"Even though they were there to work, they still threw a lot of money on all the girls and showed love to everyone."

"So I thought that was really cool."

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Part 2

Amanda's video did so well that she released a part two, revealing the worst tippers.

She alleged Scott Disick didn't spend any money when he came into the club, but added that he seemed really, "lit."

"And it was like 4:30 in the morning."


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Amanda later alleged J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez, "came into the club, did a room with the dancer, and didn't even tip her."

"This was when I was working in New York and she was about to film the movie Hustlers, so I only think she went into the club to learn about strippers."

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Amanda's part two TikTok video reached 3.9m views and has over 460k likes.

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