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Molly-Mae's Considering A Wedding Abroad (And No – She's Not Engaged)

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

02:19 27 Apr 2023

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It's good to know what you want.

Molly-Mae Hague's mind has been swayed on having a wedding abroad. She travelled to Nice for her first photoshoot with PLT since having baby Bambi in January.

Even though Molly isn't engaged, she's been dreaming about the details of a wedding with Tommy.

In her latest vlog, Molly showed off the sunny garden and stunning villa.

"I genuinely think this is probably my top location I've ever shot at with PLT and I just knew I was gonna love Nice. I've always wanted to come to the south of France."


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Looking around, Molly realised that the area would be the perfect location for a wedding.

She said, "it's making me really question my thoughts of how I've never ever wanted to get married abroad."

Molly laughed about how she's "getting a little bit ahead of [herself]" with the wedding planning, as she's still waiting for a proposal from Tommy.

We saw the pair fall for each other in the 2019 series of Love Island, before making it to the final as runners-up.

Since then, they've moved in together and welcomed a daughter, Bambi, together four months ago.


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What is Molly's dream wedding?

"I mean, it's funny because I'm not even engaged and I'm talking about when I'm getting married," Molly said.

"I've always pictured... when Tommy and I get married, that like, it would be in the UK. We would get married in a big church, do it at home thing, like in the UK.

"Now we've come here and I've seen this unreal location, it just makes me think an abroad wedding would actually be pretty stunning.

"I've not even got the ring yet. So Tommy, if you're watching..." she joked.

Honestly, I can't wait to one day see what dress Molly would choose for her wedding.

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