Maura Higgins Was Allegedly Gr...


Maura Higgins Was Allegedly Grabbed By A Man After The NTAs Afterparty

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

02:37 17 Sep 2021

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There's no excuse for this.

Maura Higgins was allegedly grabbed by a man who then tried to pull her towards his car.

The incident happened as Maura walked towards her car after an NTAs afterparty last week.

Maura shared her story on Instagram, writing 'For [the] people that think this does not happen...I can assure you it does!’

‘This guy that I have never met in my life grabbed hold of my arm and tried to pull me backwards towards his car.

But Maura said she was worried that if she reacted negatively towards the man, she would get  into trouble.

She felt that she had to just keep smiling while it happened.

Maura wrote, ‘Pictures can be portrayed very differently ie. if I was to shout in anger at this guy, the headline might have been ‘Maura gets violent after a night out.’’

Thankfully the Love Island star wasn’t alone when it happened.

She continued on Instagram saying, ‘Luckily I had two girls walk with me to my car and I would NEVER leave a venue alone at night because of this reason.’

'His behaviour is completely inappropriate and it’s crucial that we address the issue of street harassment.'

‘It’s actively predatory, repeatedly violating women’s personal space and boundaries.’

We're sending our love to Maura.

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