Love Islanders Must Kiss As Th...


Love Islanders Must Kiss As Their Secrets Are Revealed In Tonight's Challenge

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Things are already getting interesting.

The islanders will be finding out secrets about each other on Love Island tonight.

Whilst chilling on the beanbags, Molly gets a text about the first challenge of the series.

The text says, “Islanders, It’s time to find out each other’s secret stories in today’s challenge. #DontJudgeABookByItsCover #TellingTales."


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What challenge are the islanders facing?

It's boys against girls in 'Wary Tales.'

Each islanders appears through the window of the magical castle, before bursting through the drawbridge door, and sliding down the woodland path.

Whilst sliding, they must grab a key to unlock the book containing a secret story about one of their fellow islanders.

After reciting a ‘wary tale’, they will then kiss the islander they think it belongs to, before the truth is revealed on the magical mirror.

Some of the 'wary tales' include one of the islanders kissing five guys in one night, while another tried to charm a mother and daughter at a party.

We'll have to see tonight from 9pm on Virgin Media 2 if any of these tales end in a happy ever after!

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