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TikTok Announces New Policy To Tackle Abuse On Safer Internet Day

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

11:07 7 Feb 2023

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TikTok has announced an update aimed at tackling repeat offenders who post abusive content.

The strike system is being rolled out today, as part of international Safer Internet Day.

The platform is partnering with creators to take about calling out bullying and abuse on the app.

It's also announced some changes it says will help TikTok be more efficient and faster at dealing with harmful content.

Under the new system, if a post violates one of the community guidelines - TikTok will hit the account with a strike.

Also, if the account hits a certain threshold of strikes in a certain category TikTok will take action.

So for example it'll permanently ban for bullying.

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Speaking of Safer Internet Day, one in five kids say they've seen something online they wouldn't want their parents to find out about.

That's according to a survey carried out for a number of groups like the ISPCC and National Parents' Council.

Pollsters spoke to 1,200 children aged 8-12 years old.

They found that almost a third can go online whenever they want.

Meanwhile, half feel they spend too much time on their device.

CEO of Cyber Safe Kids, Alex Cooney, says many children are aware their screen time is too high:

"That statistic was really interesting!"

"More of them said that than their parents - that they spend too much time online."

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