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Some CAO Students Miss Out On Courses Due To 'Lottery System'


04:32 8 Sep 2022

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CAO Round 1 offers were issued this afternoon. 

Tens of thousands of students have received their first-round offers for CAO courses.

Some are facing missing out on their preferred course due to a 'lottery system'.

The concept of the random selection process to decide the final places of a CAO course isn't new.

However, because of grade inflation, a number of students face missing out on high-points courses because of the lottery.

Guidance Counsellor Gemma Lawlor, a random number is assigned to each applicant.

"You might have 5 people with say, 567 points. The fairest way of selecting the one person who will get that place is a random number selected from one of those five."

Meanwhile, there are calls for the Leaving Cert results to be released by the end of July.

The Irish Universities Association says issuing the results so late puts pressure on students so close to the beginning of the academic year.

Reporting from Spin's Andrew Louth. 

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