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'Soul Destroying' Publicans Describe New 8pm Closing Time


12:01 21 Dec 2021

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The restrictions came into effect on Monday. 

The Licensed Vintners Association say the 8 pm closing time was 'soul destroying' last night.

Chairperson Noel Anderson describes what it was like for those having to close at an earlier time.

"From going from a half-decent, late-night crowd in, to all of a sudden empty at 8 o clock at night," Anderson said.

"Mixed reaction from customers, nobody blamed us thankfully, definitely some blame the government."

"(They) felt they were being kid loved, others understood, just very odd and eerie."

Cabinet Ministers will meet this morning to discuss financial supports for the arts and live entertainment sector.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin says he hopes any further restrictions on public life can be avoided.

Over 75,000 booster vaccine doses were administered yesterday.

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