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Study Finds People Relucant To Cut Back On Travel Despite Inflation


08:15 18 May 2022

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The study was carried out by Advertising Week Europe. 

New research on how consumers are adjusting to the rising cost of living shows we're not cutting travel costs.

Instead, people are more likely to scale back on eating out and buying clothes.

Fewer than half said they'd reduce the number of holidays they went on.

Of those surveyed, a number of them commented that they had too many trips cancelled already due to the pandemic.

When it comes to cost-saving measures, just over a fifth said they would find cheaper gym membership.

More than two-thirds hope to reduce the amount of spending on takeaways and dinners out.

The cost of living crisis has acutely affected those older than younger, according to the study.

The majority of the 42 to 67-year-old bracket say they've already made adjustments to deal with inflation.

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