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Petrol At Irish Pumps Costing 19 Cent More Than World Average


03:32 14 Jul 2022

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The cost of fuel in Ireland continues to eclipse other countries. 

Petrol is costing more for consumers in Ireland than the global average since May 2nd.

It comes from new Global Petrol Prices dot-com data over the past three months.

The median average price of petrol in Ireland during that period was 1 euro and 99 cents.

The worldwide average during the same period was one cent cheaper.

The figures show the 20th of June was the most expensive day for petrol in Ireland.

It cost 2 euros and 17 cents per litre to fill a tank at pumps.

That was 19 cents above the global average, according to Global Petrol Prices.

The cost of diesel here was dearer by 6 cents compared to average prices.

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