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New Daily Covid Case Record Announced Today At 23,817

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

05:44 6 Jan 2022

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The Department of Health has confirmed a new daily case record, of 23,817, today.

It comes against the backdrop of complaints that many people seeking a PCR test are unable to do so.

However the HSE has confirmed it is working on a system that will allow people to log a positive antigen test.

CEO Paul Reid says they’re working to address the issue.

"We do want to, as soon as possible, have that functionality to record that antigen positive test."

"Our IT teams are working on it and hopefully, very soon we’ll have a solution around that. "

In response to a question about timing Paul Reid said:

"No, not weeks. Not weeks. Certainly not weeks, but a lot shorter than that."

New Covid Certs

Meanwhile, the Department of Health says people will start to receive updated Digital Covid Certs from this afternoon.

The updated certs will reflect a person's booster status.

The department says the process will take a number of days, and people are advised to check their email.

The updated cert will be in the same format as before, with the QR code displayed and stored on the Covid Tracker App.

From the 1st of February, people travelling within the EU will need to be fully vaccinated or have had a booster within the past 9 months.

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