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Landlords Offering Reduced Rent In Return For Sex With Tenants

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

11:04 20 Dec 2021

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Several landlords are offering free or reduced rooms in exchange for sex with tenants.

That's according to an investigation by the Irish Examiner.

It found a number of ads online, where properties were offered in return for sexual favours.

One asked for only “sweet, cute and charming girls to apply” while another advertised a free room in return for a “friend with benefits”.

Wayne Stanley is the Simon Community Head of Policy.

What Happens If You Say No

Journalist Ann Murphy says the arrangement leaves women in a vulnerable position:

"If you move into an arrangement like this willingly, yes you know what you're getting into."

"But at the end of the day, have you a choice on timing?"

"Do you have the capability to say no?"

"If you do say no, does that mean you'll end up homeless?"

"Does it mean you might end up getting attacked?"

"So there's a lot of grey area around this."

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