Giant Walrus Wakes Up In Kerry...

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Giant Walrus Wakes Up In Kerry, After Falling To Sleep On An Iceberg

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A walrus, which was spotted on Valentia Island yesterday, is believed to have fallen asleep on an iceberg.

The massive mammal started his snooze in Iceland and woke up in Kerry.

Speaking to Radio Kerry Alan Houlihan said it was a "phenomenal sight".

Alan and his daughter Muireann made the discovery while walking on a local beach yesterday morning.

And it was hard to miss - the mammal is similar in size to a bull or cow.

Unfortunately, Mr Houlihan says there was no sign of it there this morning.

Discovering the walrus was a very special experience for Muireann, in particular.

She's even picked out names for it, opting for Cian if its a boy and Isabelle if it's a girl.

Proud dad Alan said she was drawing pictures of walruses last night.

"My other two went off to school this morning with a skip in their step"

"It's really lifted the spirits of everyone here this morning", he added.

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