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Former US President Donald Trump Launches His Own Website

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While Facebook and Twitter may have showed him the door, Donald Trump's internet presence isn't over just yet.

The former US President  has set up a new website with the aim of showcasing his legacy as US President.

His office claims it will also allow him to keep in touch with his supporter base.

The 45office website, which was launched today today, allows supporters to request video messages from the Donald.

They can even use it to invite Mr Trump and his wife Melania to events.

Speculation Grows Over Trump-Owned Social Media Site

It follows those suggestions of a potential social media platform as well, which were made by his advisor Jason Miller on Fox News.

Jason speculated that the Donald's proposed social media site will be "the hottest ticket on social media".

The website boasts an 870-word synopsis about Donald Trump's legacy as US President in its 'About' section.

Trump hasn't signalled an intention to run for office in 2024, but he will play a big part in next year's mid-term elections.

He's expected to endorse loyalists candidates to run against House and Senate Republicans who voted to impeach him.

Regardless, expect to hear more from Donald Trump over the coming months.

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