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A Homeless Charity Collected Hundreds Of Tents From Electric Picnic


02:15 3 Sep 2019

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Feed Our Homeless say these tents are vital

The homeless charity entered the site after campers had gone home yesterday afternoon and collected some of the items that were left behind.

Members of Dublin based 'Feed Our Homeless' say the tents are vital for them to carry out their work.

The charity hand out dozens of tents and sleeping bags to those in need every week.

The charity took to Facebook to share their disappointment that tents were left behind.

'Disgraceful thousands of tents also sleeping bags will be disposed of today after the weekend at electric picnic. These sleeping bags and tents should be given to homeless charities'

The 100 tents and 400 sleeping bags will be handed out to those sleeping rough over the coming weeks.

This comes after Electric Picnic urged festival goers to cut down on plastic and bring home their tents before the festival.

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