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WATCH: SPIN Chats To The People Behind Raya And The Last Dragon


12:41 9 Mar 2021

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Raya And The Last Dragon

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with the people behind the new Disney+ animated movie, Raya And The Last Dragon.

She spoke to producer and screenwriter, Osnat Shurer and Adele Lim.

Osnat revealed it took four years to make the movie, and she enjoyed the whole process.

She explained that she had previously been working on Moana.

The producer jumped at, "The opportunity to work on a film that has three strong, flawed, interesting female leads."

Sarina asked Adele how she copes when things go wrong on such a massive production.

She revealed the first thing she was told when she started working for Walt Disney was to, "trust the process."

"It's easy to get hung up on the small defeats, especially when you're trying to create something wonderful and transcendent."

She said no matter how hard things get, just remember you'll always have that, "North Star."

"It was that message of unity and trust and community that was our North Star that we kept building towards."

The screenwriter said it's so important to, "have faith in your teammates."

Sarina asked Osnat what message she hopes the audience take from the movie.

She responded, "We can do something great if we work together."

"We are so much better together, and it's not easy... it's work and that work requires trusting each other..."

Raya And The Last Dragon is available on Disney+ with Premier Access.

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