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WATCH: The Hilarious Trailer For Chris Hemsworth's 'Thor: Love and Thunder'


02:18 24 May 2022

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Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel have just released the full official trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder - it looks fantastic.

And in typical Thor style, there's plenty of hilarious moments throughout.

The trailer also gives us a better look at Natalie Portman in character as Jane Foster.

It opens with Taika Waititi's character Korg telling the story of, "the Space Viking."

"He was no ordinary man - he was a God."

"After saving planet earth for the 500th time, Thor set off on a new journey, where he got in shape."

"He went from dad bod to God bod, and after all that, he reclaimed his title as the one and only Thor."

Suddenly, Jane Foster appears on screen holding Thor's hammer.

Korg adds, "Oh... spoke to soon." Completely and utterly shocked, Thor exclaims, "Jane?!"

Then we see Thor standing next to Korg, as he says, "The old ex girlfriend."

"What's it been? Like three, four years?" Jane asks.

Thor hilarious responds, "Eight years, seven months and six days... give or take."

Next, we're introduced to Christian Bale's character Gorr the God Butcher, who says, "The only one Gods care about is themselves."

"So this is my vow, all Gods will die."

Thor: Love and Thunder drops in cinemas this July 8th.

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