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Netflix Announce Production On Sex Education Season 3 Has Officially Begun

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

10:10 10 Sep 2020

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Sex Education season 3

Netflix have announced production on Sex Education season three has officially begun.

They shared the news on the streamer's social media accounts last night.

In a video posted online, the cast are shown packing from their respective homes.

As they get ready to leave for filming, they grab their most valuable belongings.

Otis actor Asa Butterfield refused to leave without his razor, his games, and his face mask.

Meanwhile, Steve actor Chris Jenks chucked all his clothes into a branded Sex Education bag.

Kyle actor Jojo Macari addressed the camera, "I've gotta get back to school! Let's get to Moordale!"

Watch the full video here:

Season 2

Netflix announced in February that the show would return for a third installment.

And rightly so! We're all dying to know what happens next after that season two cliffhanger.

***Warning: season two spoilers ahead***

Here's a quick recap of what happened to get you up to speed:

Maeve finally plucked up the courage to tell Otis that she has feelings for him.

While we sat at home shouting at the TV screen, Otis rejected Maeve and insisted he's crazy about his girlfriend Ola.

It all falls apart for Otis when Ola dumps him for her best friend Lily.

With Otis and Maeve both single, viewers were convinced they would get together - wrong.

Otis left a voicemail for Maeve after realising how much he really does love her.

In the message, he puts all his cards on the table and tells her how proud she makes him.

But he heard nothing back, so he decided to go to her home in the Caravan Park.

Just as he arrived, Maeve left in the opposite direction.

Otis asked Maeve's neighbour Isaac, who also has feelings for her, to tell her to check her voice mail.

Isaac however, did the complete opposite and deleted the message altogether.

The final scene shows Otis and Maeve walking up the same hill in different places.

And that's it... So now you understand why we NEED a third season.

A release date for season three has yet to be announced.

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