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Matt Reeves Tells SPIN He Wrote The Batman Specifically For Robert Pattinson


10:42 1 Mar 2022

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Matt Reeves chats to SPIN

Director Matt Reeves has said he wrote the role of Batman specifically for Robert Pattinson.

He made the revelation during a chat with SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo this week.


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Matt explained he was always a massive fan of Robert's work and was impressed by the road he took in his career after Twilight. 

The director thought of Robert when he was looking for actors within the same age range.

However, at this point he wasn't sure if the Edward Cullen star was the right fit.

It wasn't until somebody urged him to watch Robert's 2017 crime thriller Good Time that Matt knew he was perfect for the role.

He explained to Sarina, "In that movie, he has a kind of dangerous, driven, sort of wildly out of control side to him."

"Then there's also this very human side that's really reflected mostly in his eyes."


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The director revealed, "I started writing it for him. In my mind, very early on, I was certain it was him."

"But what I wasn't certain of was that he'd even wanna play the role."

"It was a crazy leap of faith to write a role for somebody who you didn't know if they'd want to be Batman."

Sarina also caught up with Andy Serkis who plays Alfred in The Batman.

Andy shared the moment he first found out Matt wanted him in the movie.

And he explained why he was so nervous on the first day of filming.

The Batman premieres in Irish cinemas on March 4th.

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