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Love Island 2019: Callum Actually Fancied Yewande

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

06:15 10 Jun 2019

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Callum Macleod wishes he had more time in the villa

Love Island 2019 star Callum Macleod has admitted he really fancies Yewande.

He appeared on Love Island: Aftersun on Sunday night for a chat with Caroline Flackfollowing his exit from the villa.

"Definitely something could have happened."


Get him back in!

Callum tells Caroline that if he was still in the villa he would get to know Amy and Anna.

He goes on to confess he was starting to really fancy Irish scientist Yewande Biala.

"She was such an interesting person... She was very quiet and we had a really good friendship."



Callum admits they had a really good conversation on the night of the re-coupling.

"On the night of the re-coupling we were chatting and just having a drink and I was just thinking you're so interesting."

"We didn't have that initial attraction for each other 'cause we said that from the start but I think if we had another week or two... Definitely something could have happened."

Caroline asks, "so you fancy Yewande?" To which he responds, "now I do a little bit yeah..."


Caroline discusses Yewande's lack of screen time

Flack brings up the topic of Yewande's screen time... or lack thereof.

She asks her panellists, "we haven’t really seen enough of Yewande yet have we?"

"But is it purely because she just hasn’t fancied anyone?"


Her guest panellist AJ Odudu believes Yewande has self-esteem issues and that's why we're not seeing much of her.

"I think Yewande has self-esteem issues, I really do, I feel like she’s her biggest barrier in there."


Love Island returns to Virgin Media Two tonight from 9pm.

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