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Irish Films & TV Shows To Watch On Netflix This St. Patricks Day

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

01:26 15 Mar 2019

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What to watch on Netflix this Paddy's weekend

It's finally St. Patricks weekend and you're going to need something to watch after all the partying.

Sit down and laugh at the Young Offenders or delve into the life of champion Irish boxer Katie Taylor.

We have a list of all the Irish films and TV shows on Netflix this weekend:

Brain On Fire

Brain On Fire is Directed and written by Irish filmmaker Gerard Barrett.

A young New York Post reporter is stricken by seizures, psychosis and memory loss.

She visits doctor after doctor in search of a diagnosis.

Can’t Cope Wont Cope

This is the story of two friends from Dublin.

Aisling and Danielle must come to terms with adulthood.

Stars Seána Kerslake and Nika McGuigan.

Cardboard Gangsters

A low level drug dealer decides to move up the ranks of the illegal narcotics trade in Darndale.

This puts him and his gang on a violent path.

The Cured

The Zombie apocalypse is thwarted by a cure for the virus.

But now the antidote is found, who will fix a broken society?

Damo & Ivor

A pair of loud-mouthed Dublin twins are reunited after being separated at birth.

They embark on a wild road trip to search for their third missing sibling.

Dominion Creek

Three Irish brothers arrive in the Yukon during the Gold Rush.

They hope to strike it rich, but a powerful man and greed soon divide them.

Handsome Devil

A self-described outsider is sent to a rugby-obsessed boarding school.

There, he forms an unexpected bond with the star player.

Hostage To The Devil

Father Malachi Martin is a disenchanted priest.

His belief in demonic possession leads him to conduct several exorcisms.


An embittered IT consultant launches a stealthy attack against a wealthy businessman.

To do this, he turns his state-of-the-art smart home against him.

Jack Taylor

Ken Bruen's bestselling crime novels leap to life in this series of TV movies.

Featuring Irish cop-turned-private-investigator Jack Taylor.


This is the critically acclaimed and award-winning Katie Taylor documentary directed by Ross Whitaker.

It picked up the 'Best Irish Feature Documentary' award at the Galway Film Fleadh last summer.

It intimately follows champion boxer Katie Taylor as she attempts to rebuild her career after a rough year.


IRA member Larry Marley is sent to Northern Ireland’s Maze prison.

Here he puts his methodical and manipulative plan for a mass escape into action.

The 34th

The 34th tells the story of the driven and dedicated people who formed Marriage Equality in Ireland.

Former board members and staff outline the strategising, fierce battles, sheer hard graft and personal cost of running such an all-consuming campaign.

The Foreigner

After his daughter is killed by terrorists, a sullen restaurateur seeks the identities of those responsible.

He travels to Ireland to take vengeance.

The Hardy Bucks

A circle of young men entertain vague ambitions involving quick cash, woman and showbiz.

This is a mockumentary on small town Irish life in County Mayo.

The Hardy Bucks Movie

Party loving Irelanders plan a road trip to Poland to take in some soccer and sights.

But their journey veers way off course when they hit Amsterdam.

The Secret Scripture

The chief psychiatrist of a soon-to-be-razed mental institution tries to discover the mystery behind the confinement.

The Siege of Jadotville

The Siege of Jadotville tells the true story of Irish Soldiers who were besieged by enemy forces while on a UN peacekeeping mission in the Congo.

The heroes led by Commandant Pat Quinlan fought for five days and heroically defended their outpost.

The Young Offenders

Two Irish teens steal bicycles and set off to the coast to find a bale of cocaine from a smugglers capsized ship.

Trailer Park Boys live in F**kin Dublin

Not exactly Irish but the Trailer Park boys come to Ireland after winning a contest to see Rush.

However, they're arrested by immigration and must perform a community service puppet show.

Trespass Against Us

A man from a criminal family yearns to break away and find a better life.

However, his father's staunch opposition puts his dreams of freedom in jeopardy.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

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