WATCH: SPIN Chats To Anne Mari...


WATCH: SPIN Chats To Anne Marie, KSI & Digital Farm Animals


10:31 29 Jan 2021

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Anne Marie, KSI & Digital Farm Animals

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Anne Marie, KSI and Digital Farm Animals for a chat this week.

It follows the release of their hit song Don't Play.

Sarina asked KSI how he managed to get Anne Marie on board for the track.

It turns out he slid into her DMs, and told her, "how much [he] just loves what she's done."

The SPIN presenter asked the singer how she deciphers the good DMs from the bad DMs.


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"It is honestly all about the song. To me it doesn't matter if someone's super famous or doing well."

"If the songs not for me then I'm not on it," she admitted.

"Yeah this song... I don't know... the vibe, everything about it, I just loved."


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Anne Marie said she jumped in the studio and recorded the song before she had properly spoken to KSI.

Sarina told the singer, "I'm worried about your DMs now."

"People are going to be going, 'I can just send anything across to her!'"


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The singer exclaimed, "Oh God!" She added, "You know what? Let's do it."

"At least you'll know the truth - if I don't reply, you'll know it's cr*p," she laughed.

Sarina went on to talk about Digital Farm Animals' involvement.

Digital Farm Animals

The artist sat behind a pig mask in the interview, and communicated only through emoji signs.

Sarina wanted to know, "Have you ever seen the man behind the mask? Does he ever get a word in?"

Anne Marie replied, "No... Actually he's a bit annoying, he does talk a little bit too much..."

"No, joking!" She laughed, "He doesn't talk at all and I have never seen... it's all a mystery."

KSI added, "Yeah for some reason he doesn't take off the mask at any point. Like he wore the mask before COVID was a thing."

Watch the full interview here:

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