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Sex Education's Asa Butterfield Tells Fans To 'F**k Off' Filming Him On Nights Out

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

02:21 20 Sep 2021

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Asa Butterfield's furious Twitter rant

Sex Education's Asa Butterfield is fed up of fans and paparazzi filming and taking pictures of him without his permission on nights out.

The actor took to Twitter, telling these people to, 'f**k off.'


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The Otis actor tweeted, 'Tweeting this from a cab home after I’ve had to slap multiple phones out my face tonight'

In another tweet, he wrote, 'I’m so tired of people filming me/taking pics without asking while I’m on a night out.'

'It actually kills my mood and my night, f**k off, leave me be please.'

A Twitter user responded, 'It comes out by the fact of being a celebrity. Deal with it or choose another career'

Asa very sarcastically replied, 'Wow I had no idea, thank you for enlightening me'

Asa plays Otis Milburn in Netflix's Sex Education.

Season three of the hit series dropped on Friday and we've already binge-watched the whole thing.

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo recently caught up with Asa for a chat about the show.


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Watch that interview here.

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