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Paul Wesley Reveals The Vampire Diaries Ending He Would Have Preferred


10:44 4 Dec 2019

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Paul Wesley on The Vampire Diaries ending

The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley reveals the ending he would have preferred for the show's characters.

The actor played Stefan Salvatore in the series alongside Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.

He opens up about his time on the show in an interview on Watch What Happens Live.

Before we tell you Paul's perfect ending, here's a quick recap on what actually happened:

Bonnie comes up with a plan to use her magic in order to send Katherine back to hell.

Damon sacrifices himself in order to make sure Katherine is in hell when Bonnie casts her spell.

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However, his brother Stefan saves Damon by giving him his blood which inevitably makes him human again.

Stefan takes Damon to safety and ends up dying alongside Katherine.

Elena and Damon marry and live a long and happy life together.

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Paul's perfect ending

The actor opens up about his time on the show and admits, "I honestly think both brothers should have died."

"And I feel good about [the ending] although I would have liked that we both died and that Elena—the girl at the end of the show—like, all her memory was wiped and went to live a normal life and forgot that we ever existed."

"I think that would have been nice."

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Despite his wish for both brothers to die, he says he was happy with his character's ending.

"I was very happy that [Stefan] died and I actually had requested that he died."

"I felt—yeah, because he did a lot of bad things and I felt like he deserved death."


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