Molly Mae Hits Back After Fans...


Molly Mae Hits Back After Fans Brand Her 'Privileged'


01:09 7 Jan 2022

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Molly Mae has finally spoken out and defended herself after Fans branded her 'privileged'.

Earlier this week the Ex Love Islander sparked fury by suggesting anyone could be a millionaire if they worked hard enough.

Her appearance on The Diary Of A CEO Podcast back in December caused outrage this week, after clips of her appearance on Social Media went viral.


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During the episode, the influencer shared her belief that "if you want something enough, you can achieve it", and that "we all have the same 24 hours in a day" which hasn't gone down well.

However, in a statement to the Metro the 22-year-old representatives said “Social media users have shared a short snippet from this interview with words like, 'if you are poor be poor'... these are absolutely not Molly’s words”.

The statement asks people to listen to the full interview, to hear Molly-Mae's message in its entirety.

They added, "Molly refers to a quote which says 'We all have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce '.

But out of context this doesn't explain Molly's point correctly.

She "was discussing her own experience and how she can resonate with this specific quote".


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Molly Mae's Online Backlash

Fans of Molly Mae have not taken her comments well calling her 'privileged'.

One Twitter user said, "I like Molly Mae, but not everyone can pull themselves out of poverty".

Others have even compared her to the former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, with one even tampering with Molly's Wikipedia page.

The statement from her representatives seeks to clarify the confusion and hysteria around her comments.

"Molly is not commenting on anyone else’s life or personal situation, she can only speak of her own experience".

It goes on to clarify that Molly Mae understands "that everyone is raised in different ways and from different backgrounds".

Her comments reference the "timing, hard work, and determination in her own life".

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