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Lewis Capaldi Confirms He's In A Relationship & He's 'Never Been Happier'


08:55 20 May 2020

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Sorry ladies, Lewis Capaldi's taken

Lewis Capaldi's in a relationship! Here's what we know; she has red hair and a posh voice.

That's about all Lewis would give away but he did admit he's, "never been happier."

He confirmed the news during a video chat with a fan, according to The Scottish Sun.


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The publication report Lewis confirmed his relationship status during a fan Zoom call.

He made the revelation after he was asked whether he prefers being in a relationship or living the single life.

Lewis replied, "Well, I'm in a relationship so if I said the other one, my girlfriend would kill me."

The singer added, "I've never told anybody that I'm in a relationship, so there you go."

"It's an exclusive for you. Right here, right now."

The 23-year-old wouldn't go into much detail around this part of his private life.


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"Red hair... posh voice"

However, Lewis did reveal, "She's got red hair," and, "she's got quite a posh voice."

He then added, "And that's that, that's all you're getting."

Frustrated by how he was forced to confirm the news, Lewis joked, "you backed me into a corner."

"If I'd said [I prefer], 'being single,' I would never have heard the end of it. So there you go," Lewis explained.

The artist went on to admit he's, "never been happier," in his new relationship.

However, the couple haven't seen each other in weeks because of the global pandemic.


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Lewis explained, "I finished my tour the week before quarantine started, and she was here for that."

The Someone You Loved singer admitted they're probably better off living separately.

He said, "I'm not good to be around that often. Like a little ten-minute spell, keep me there, great."

"I think for everyone's sanity it's good if it's just little doses."

"Take me in doses."


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Who is she?

The Scottish Sun claim Lewis' new girlfriend is none other than Aberdeen native Catherine Halliday.

Lewis was introduced to the student through mutual friends.

It's believed they enjoyed a string of dates in February and have been seeing each other ever since.

According to onlookers, "they were being very flirty," during one of their outings.

"[They] seemed to be having fun — both laughing and joking a lot, touching hands and being tactile."

"You’d never know he was one of the biggest stars in the country..."


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GRAMMY AWARD NOMINEE Lewis Capaldi still has New York themed wallpaper in his bedroom, spread the word ❤️

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While Lewis is only at the beginning of a new relationship, Joaquin Phoenix and his partner are taking the next step in theirs.

According to reports, they're expecting their first child together.

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