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Lewis Capaldi Says Celebrity Egos Are 'Out Of Control'

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

10:44 24 Oct 2022

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Lewis Capaldi isn't holding back.

Lewis Capaldi has said that celebrity egos are a "huge problem" in the music industry.

The Forget Me singer recently joined his best mate Niall Horan for a three day road trip around Ireland. The entire journey was filmed for the Homecoming documentary.

Lewis told Metro that "the people at the top are the nicest people because they’ve got nothing to prove."

But when it comes to the "middle section" of celebrities, he explained "there’s a lot of people who either want something out of a friendship."


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"There’s such a huge problem in music and I think it leaves you feeling quite isolated and quite a bad taste in your mouth in general," Lewis said.

Lewis became friends with Niall quite early in his career, which he explained he is "grateful" for but he also assumed that everyone in the music industry was as "genuinely sound" as Niall.

"Niall kind of ruined a lot of people for me because I was like, Niall’s great, he’s just a totally chilled guy and everyone must be like that.

"Then you meet a lot of other people and you’re like, no actually… there’s a lot of c***s in this game and Niall’s definitely not one of them," Lewis said.


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He continued: ‘There’s few and far between genuine friends and don’t get me wrong, there are nice people in music, but everyone’s at different stages of their life.

"So to find someone your age who’s a genuinely sound person who you can actually spend time with.

"It doesn’t have to be about making music or let’s do this together, so I’m truly really grateful to have met Niall, especially early on."


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As much as we love their friendship, a collab would be nice.

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