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Channing Tatum & Sandra Bullock Met In The Principal's Office With Their Kids


10:36 25 Mar 2022

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Channing Tatum & Sandra Bullock

Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock met in the principal's office of their kids' school.

It turns out Sandra's Laila and Channing's Everly butted heads in school, and both parents were called in.


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Sandra made the revelation during a joint appearance with Channing on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

He explained, "We have two very, very, very strong-willed little girls that, at that young age, were very much butting heads."

The Proposal actress added, "We'd get calls and I'm like, 'Please let it be Everly!'"

Channing chimed in, "'Please let it be Laila!' Like, of all the people... of all the people to like fight with their daughter!"

Sandra shared the conversation that went down in the principal's office: "They just wanted to know how can we work this out."

The school came up with the idea of giving the girls a challenge: "who can be the nicest to the other one."

"So they were like bringing each other little dixie cups of water," the Miss Congeniality actress said, laughing.

Channing joked, "I don't know where they would have learned this competitiveness at all."

Watch the full interview here:

Channing and Sandra have been promoting their new action comedy The Lost City.

It's due out in cinemas next month.

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