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Anna Vakili Helps Fans With Their Love Island Auditions


03:04 22 Feb 2021

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Anna Vakili talks Love Island

2019 contestant Anna Vakili has been helping fans prepare for their Love Island auditions.

She spilled the beans in an interview with The Sun recently.

It turns out fans have been messaging Anna for advice ahead of their auditions.

She said, 'I've had a few DMs from people within the last month saying, 'Oh I’m going for an interview for Love Island.''

''Have you got any advice?' It was no-one that I knew, but I just told them to be themselves and wished them luck.'

Anna remembers how stressful the whole audition process was for her.

She said, 'I took the time to respond because I know how nerve-wrecking that process is.'

'So when I saw a message like that I felt I had to reply – I knew it would help them feel better.'

Anna recalled her experience, revealing ITV approached her for the show.

'When I was at the interview stage I was asked things like why I wasn't in a relationship, my exes, what I want…'

'And I was just totally myself.'

'Plus I think it was different to see a Middle Eastern, who was a little bit curvy and a pharmacist, but at the same time still be glam.'

'I think that made me standout,' she added.

And while Anna has confirmed auditions are taking place, it's still unclear whether the summer series will be able to go ahead.

Last year's series was cancelled amid the global pandemic.

ITV boss, Carolyn McCall told The Sun they're looking at, 'all [their] options at the moment.'

'The pandemic makes it hard,' she admitted.

The closing date for Love Island 2021 applications is 30th April.

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