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The SPIN South West Secret Sound | How To Enter, And Win Thousands!


11:22 1 Nov 2018

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Have you heard the brand new Secret Sound with Mr. Binman?

Tune in to Fully Charged with Ed and Valerie every weekday morning for your chance to guess the Secret Sound and win the cash!

Check out some of the incorrect guesses here...

  • Bird flapping its wings
  • Taser
  • Microphone being tapped
  • Fireworks
  • Velcro from shoes being pulled
  • Tasering grapes in slow-mo
  • Pulling your fly/zipper
  • Ripping the buttons on a shirt
  • Microwaveable popcorn popping in a microwave
  • Snow falling off a roof
  • Fly Zapper in a chipper
  • Amp being plugged in
  • Bubble wrap bursting
  • Walking in snow
  • Ripping off a cardboard tab
  • Electric fly zapper
  • Luggage rolling across rollers
  • Welder welding
  • Plastic buttons on bed sheets ripping
  • Air pump at a physio
  • Someone flicking through pages of a book
  • Twisting bubble wrap
  • Static from clothes fresh out of the dryer
  • An animal running through grass
  • Record on a record player
  • Car wash rubber cleaners on window
  • Ruffling bird wings
  • Boiling water hitting the hot hob
  • Jumping into hard snow
  • Slinky falling down the stairs
  • Buttons popping on baby onesie
  • Digging a shovel into wet sand
  • Shaking a helium balloon that has confetti in it
  • The beans moving in a bean bag when you sit on it
  • Moving or touching a wicker basket
  • Fire sparkler
  • Stepping on crunchy leaves
  • Opening a bag of oranges
  • Pulling apart velcro
  • The roll down sun shade you stick on the back seat windows for a baby
  • Biting into a tayto
  • Shock from an electric fence
  • Running your finger down the teeth of a comb
  • Rain drops from a tree landing on the windscreen
  • Pulling the pull cord on a roller blind and the new safety clip
  • Flicking through the pages of a book
  • Lottery balls in a drum
  • Someone sucking through their front teeth
  • Raindrops on an umbrella
  • Playing with marbles
  • Squashing a plastic bottle
  • Dropping m&ms or skittles into the bag or your hand
  • Doing your zip up or down in your jacket
  • Zipper On a suitcase being closed
  • Dropping sweets into a tub of popcorn in the cinema
  • Charging up defibrillators
  • A tree in a forest falling
  • Shaking/bouncing children's ball that's filled with something
  •  Changing your bed covers shaking the quilt into the sheet
  • When you bite into a cereal bar
  • Cracking knuckles
  • When you take tights and wool out of the dryer and you separate them and they make that static noise
  • Opening a bottle shampoo
  • Candyfloss machine
  • Putting an oven tray on the counter
  • Fajita dish
  • Shopping trolley
  • Dripping water over strip of tinfoil
  • Needle touching a vinyl record
  • Flipping a pancake on a hot pan
  • Refuse bag off of a roll of refuse bags
  • A straightener running through wet/damp hair
  • Cutting or biting into toast
  • Ice cracking or melting on a windscreen
  • Someone sitting on a bean bag
  • Clutch bag opening
  • Pulling the cord on a large bag of potatoes
  • A spring hitting the skirting board
  • Shaking a condiment packet
  • Spagball bubbling in a wok on the cooker
  • The static noise you used to get while touching an old television

The SPIN South West Secret Sound is back!

The SPIN South West Secret Sound is a text-only competition.

Tune into Fully Charged with Ed & Valerie every morning from 7 AM for your cue to text in your guess.

Text your guess, name, and full address to 087 7 102 103 and you could win a handy sum of money with thanks to Mr. Binman.


Best of luck!

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