Former F1 Boss Arrested In Bra...


Former F1 Boss Arrested In Brazil For Carrying Gun While Boarding Plane

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

05:51 26 May 2022

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Bernie Ecclestone was arrested yesterday in Brazil for boarding a plane with a gun in his carry on luggage.

The private plane Ecclestone was boarding was chartered to fly to Switzerland but was grounded when the dangerous cargo was discovered.

The gun discovered is a undocumented LW Seecamp .32 gun which was picked up during a routine screening by an X-RAY machine pre-departure.

Brazilian police arrested the Former F1 Boss and took him to a holding cell at Viracopos airport in Campinas.

The Brit admitting owning the gun but said he had no idea that it was in his luggage at the time, he posted bail and was freed swiftly to return to Switzerland.

The local state public security office in Sao Paulo confirmed that a businessman was arrested for possession of a firearm but did not provide a name for the arrest.

Bail was set at 6,060 Reais which equates to €1,182.31.

The office said the "small, silver colored pistol" was out of ammunition and that the arrestee had to pay 6,060 reais (€1,182.31) as bail. The handgun was seized, it added.

Ecclestone was not immediately available for comment.

He is married to Brazilian-born Fabiana Ecclestone, an FIA vice-president and member of the World Motor Sport Council.

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