Still No Date For Leaving Cert...


Still No Date For Leaving Cert Results

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Students are still in the dark as to when they will be able to collect their Leaving Cert results.

The State Examinations Commission continues to finalise various aspects of the exams for 2023.

The exams themselves are due to start six weeks from today (Wednesday).

Some issues outstanding include potential deferrals and the recruitment of examiners.

Traditionally, results have been released in the middle of August, but last year they weren’t issued until September 2nd.

A spokesperson for the State Examinations Commission says this was due to ‘well-documented’ issues and it remains to be seen what date this year's results will be released.

Included among these were examiner shortages and provisions for deferred exams.

Students might have to defer an exam due to illness, serious injury or family bereavement.

In addition, after the 2022 results were issued, Minister Foley made a commitment there would be “no cliff edge” drop in relation to grades in 2023.

“Arrangements to give effect to this commitment remain under consideration,” the SEC spokesperson said.

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