16 Year Olds Could Be Legally...


16 Year Olds Could Be Legally Allowed To Drive Soon

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

11:05 2 May 2023

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A major revision of EU rules includes a proposal that could change the legal driving age to 16.

The changes to regulations around driving licenses are aimed at tackling mobility issues in rural areas of the region.

However, cars would be fitted with speed limiters - which means children wouldn't be able to drive over 45km/h.

So that means no motorways, because that speed is too low.

It also means any car the young person would borrow, for example their parents' or grandparents', would have to be speed-limited.

But some road safety groups have called for the proposal to be dropped.

Game Changer

Kerry TD Michael Healy Rae is in favour of the plan:

"Young people in built up areas, in the cities or larger towns, they wouldn't need this."

Deputy Healy Rae wants people taught the rules of the road and how to drive in school wherever they are.

However, he says "youngsters" in rural areas would benefit the most from this.

"People living in remote areas, it'd be a game changer for them."

But of course that depends on whether the family can afford to spend the money on another car.

Image by: GraficallyMinded / Alamy Stock Photo

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