10,000 More Jobs To Go Globall...


10,000 More Jobs To Go Globally At Meta

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

05:26 14 Mar 2023

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Irish workers in Meta will have to wait until tomorrow, to hear whether or not they’ll be impacted by planned job losses.

The firm, which owns Facebook and Instagram, announced plans to slash its global workforce by 10,000 by the end of May.

It comes just four months after the company laid off 13% of its staff, including over 300 Irish employees.

Tomorrow Morning

Business Editor with the Business Post Lorcan Allen says its still unclear how the move will impact its Dublin operations:

"What I'm told from sources inside the company, they're going to be informed in the morning if their jobs are impacted."

Lorcan says Meta has about 2,600 direct employees in Dublin, as well as about 6,000 support operations and contract staff.

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